ProductWe are always pursuing the product with best quality , and always bear the "Quality first" idea to manage the company.

In 1995, Mr. JiaQitian founded the Henan Icecoman Electronics Co., specializing the microcomputer controllers design and develoment for the domestic ice making machine companies , and began using the "ICECOMAN" brand to provide advanced ice making solutions for manufacturers at home and abroad. "ICECOMAN" means the ice control center, is the core control components of ice making machine. After 20 years of technology precipitation , " ICECOMAN" has become the preferred brand of ice making machine parts at home and abroad. In order to meet the requirements of different customers, with building quality cold chain controllers, we also developed different types of multi-purpose intelligent electronic controllers, covering catering, hotel, medical and other industries. "ICECOMAN" are becoming the leading brand of commercial ice industry suppliers. 

  • High-tech enterprise
  • High and new technology enterprise
  • The ice industry contribution award
  • Class a tax credit rating enterprise
NewsGroup adheres to the philosophy “cooperation creates wealth, innovation develops business”.

About Us

   "HENAN  ICECOMAN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD"  was established in 1996, the company is located in N0.52 Hexie South Road,liang yuan industrial concentration area, Shang qiu city,  Henan province. It Is a company dedicated to the electronic product microcomputer (MCU) control system design and development, specializing in the production, electronic processing, product sales of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in refrigeration products and catering kitchen equipment automation embedded intelligent control system design, development, production. In 2016, the current total staff number is 68 ,among ...【more】

Contact Us

Mobile:13803700434 18539918999
Telephone:0370-2628370 2228370
Email:[email protected]
Address:N0.52 Hexie South Road,liang yuan industrial concentration area, Shang qiu city, Henan province.
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